# About

Captured that perfect moment on video but realized that the resolution of your video isn't great? Would you like to crop out only a part of your video but the resolution doesn't allow it? Or maybe have a client that demands more pixels on screen for a production? We are here to help. We use Deep Neural Networks to scale up videos, up to 8K!


Below we have collected a bunch of different sample videos showing what our upscaling technology can do. Be aware that some videos are very, very large (8K) and you might need to find a high resolution monitor to be able to display and compare the input and output videos. The Deep Neural Networks have not previously seen any of the footage that are available in these examples.



In order to bring the best results possible we use a state-of-the-art technology stack. From uploading, to processing, to downloading.


We use the latest advancements in AI- and Machine Learning research for scaling up the videos on our platform. The Neural Network architecture of our AI-model is trained, using supervised learning, on thousands of images in diverse settings. Ranging from nature and animals to indoor environments, people, products, food, technology, urban landscapes, architecture, sports and more. We contiously research the latest state-of-the-art within AI and Machine Learning and aspire to keep our product up to date, using the latest and greatest technologies available.


Our server infrastructure is built on top of a modern cloud stack, with high bandwidth, to maximize the throughput between you and the servers. All our data is stored and processed in the EU.


The data sent to and from our servers are encrypted with modern SHA-256 with RSA-2048 Encryption standards. All files on our servers are stored on AES-256 encrypted cloud harddrives to make sure your data is protected. The link to your processed files only have a limited life span and expires 14 days after your order is completed.