Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have collected common questions and answers about our service. If you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us!

What resolutions are supported?

What video formats are supported?

How much does my video cost to scale up?

What's the maximum amount of files I can upload?

What's the maximum file size I can upload?

What's the longest video duration you support?

Do you support slow motion videos?

Which cameras do you support?

Do you support image upscaling as well?

Do you support RAW footage?

Do you support HDR content?

What video color space is supported?

Do you support subtitles?

Do you support VR video?

How long will my job take?

Can I see some samples before I try it out?

How do I upload a video?

How do I access the upscaled video?

Do you use encryption?

What technology do you use for upscaling?